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Hebersham Pride - Be a Learner; Be Respectful; Be Safe.
Hebersham Public School was established in 1972. Literacy, numeracy and student welfare are key focus areas. The school programs are endorsed by staff, parents and caregivers who support children to be "ready to achieve", the school motto.  
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What does learning look like in KD?

The children of KD have settled quickly into Kindergarten. They are beginning to work with their peers in a variety of environments that enables them to be happy, successful and productive at their level of learning. The children... Read more


S3G in Week 3

These past few weeks S3G have been very busy learning about the Australian Colonies. In particular, the "Gold Rush". We now know that miners needed to have a license to look for gold and that if they didn't have one on them when... Read more

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21st Century Learning in Future Focused Learning Spaces at Hebersham Public School

During Term 1, S1V learnt about descriptive writing. We decided to incorporate 21st Century learning into our story writing by turning our simple stories into movie masterpieces. Firstly, the class read some Aboriginal dreamtime... Read more